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Provisioning Errors

Failed to get job complete status

Most common reason for this error is that a node is having issues that block the deploy job from completing successfully. See Get node conditions how to check node conditions.

You can also retrieve the log from the job to see if it has an indication of the error, make sure you replace rke-network-plugin-deploy-job with the job name from the error:

Example command to get logs for error Failed to get job complete status for job rke-network-plugin-deploy-job:

kubectl -n kube-system get pods -l job-name=rke-network-plugin-deploy-job --no-headers -o | xargs -L1 kubectl -n kube-system logs

Failed to apply the ServiceAccount needed for job execution

Because this action requires connectivity from the host running rke up to the controlplane nodes, this is usually caused by incorrect proxy configuration on the host running rke up. The message printed after this error usually is the response from the proxy that is blocking the request. Please verify the HTTP_PROXY, HTTPS_PROXY and NO_PROXY environment variables are correctly configured, especially NO_PROXY if the host cannot reach the controlplane nodes via the configured proxy. (this IP range then needs to be added to NO_PROXY to make it work)