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As of v0.1.9, the rke-bundle-cert container is removed on both success and failure of a restore. To debug any issues, you will need to look at the logs generated from rke.

As of v0.1.8 and below, the rke-bundle-cert container is left over from a failed etcd restore. If you are having an issue with restoring an etcd snapshot then you can do the following on each etcd nodes before attempting to do another restore:

docker container rm --force rke-bundle-cert

The rke-bundle-cert container is usually removed when a backup or restore of etcd succeeds. Whenever something goes wrong, the rke-bundle-cert container will be left over. You can look at the logs or inspect the container to see what the issue is.

docker container logs --follow rke-bundle-cert
docker container inspect rke-bundle-cert

The important thing to note is the mounts of the container and location of the pki.bundle.tar.gz.