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Troubleshooting vSphere Clusters

If you are experiencing issues while provisioning a cluster with enabled vSphere Cloud Provider or while creating vSphere volumes for your workloads, you should inspect the logs of the following K8s services:

  • controller-manager (Manages volumes in vCenter)
  • kubelet: (Mounts vSphere volumes to pods)

If your cluster is not configured with external Cluster Logging, you will need to SSH into nodes to get the logs of the kube-controller-manager (running on one of the control plane nodes) and the kubelet (pertaining to the node where the stateful pod has been scheduled).

The easiest way to create a SSH session with a node is the Rancher CLI tool.

  1. Configure the Rancher CLI for your cluster.
  2. Run the following command to get a shell to the corresponding nodes:
$ rancher ssh <nodeName>

  1. Inspect the logs of the controller-manager and kubelet containers looking for errors related to the vSphere cloud provider:
    $ docker logs --since 15m kube-controller-manager
$ docker logs --since 15m kubelet